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Eclectic collections & ISBN searches

You wrote:

I often hear about books (radio/newspapers/teachers/students) or find out about them on the internet and am VERY happily surprised to find them in your collection. I find it odd that although you have ISBN numbers in your database, the search engine does not offer that as a search option. I am more than grateful already, but thought I would mention that perhaps it can be included in the search menu during some future update. Although most (normal!) people search with authors & titles, it is less demanding on your search engines when the ISBN is used to locate the item. It’s in there, just can’t get at it ūüėČ Thanks again for having such an eclectic collection – it is a pleasure to discover how much you have!

Thanks for your comment. Buying¬†new titles for the library collection is also a pleasure for¬†many of us.¬†¬†Although CLUES does indeed offer an ISBN search option, we’ll take the fact that you couldn’t find it as a suggestion for improvement¬†on the visibility of this information.¬† You can find the ISBN¬†option by connecting to the CLUES main menu and¬†selecting the “ISBN/ISSN/Music Number Search” from the drop-down Search Options menu on the right:

isbn search option in CLUES

As an aside, if you like searching the Internet for new books and using ISBNs, our LibX Concordia browser plug-in for Firefox may be of interest. Once installed, it inserts a Concordia “cue” (mini Concordia logo) beside book description pages on web sites such as Amazon. You can simply click on this cue to launch a CLUES ISBN search for the relevant book. If you don’t see a Concordia cue you can just highlight the ISBN and right-click to start the CLUES search.¬† Do note that you should always¬†double check with a Title, Author or Keyword¬†search if you get no hits, as ISBN searching can be finicky. ¬†Let us know if you have any more trouble using or finding any of these ISBN options.