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Media:scape in Webster Viewing Room

You wrote:

I tried out the media:scape system today when using the viewing room for a group project today. Great initiative!

However, when plugging in the “puck” to a library laptop, we couldn’t get it to work. We tried putting the laptop to sleep and reopening it. We got the puck
to light up but the monitor didn’t show anything. 

Wanted to let you know that it’s not working as easy as it should be. Good initiative though!

Thank you for reporting this. I have sent in a ticket to our technical support team.  By the way, for those of you that don’t know about media:scape, as a trial project, we have added media:scape to LB-351, the Webster Viewing Room. Media:scape is furniture and technology integrated together with dual screens to allow you to share information from your tablets and laptops.  To try it out, just book LB-351 (the Webster Viewing Room).

Sorry folks, media:scape is now on the second floor of the Webster Library, right next to the public holds shelf.  We are having some technical problems with it right now but we hope to resolve them soon.

Vanier Library viewing room

You wrote:

I feel that the former multimedia “viewing” room on the second floor of the
Vanier library is being shamefully wasted for group study sessions. It is way
too large to be used by only a few students at a time, and I know many
students liked to use that room for quiet studying.

Thank you for writing.  The Vanier Library is generally roomy and quiet. So there is not as much demand for quiet study space.  This is why it was decided to turn that room into a group study room.  You can see more comments here.

Returning DVDs on the weekend

You wrote:


I just came to the library specifically to return two dvds that were due today, only to find that the media returns box is not out but rather behind the locked gate. Luckily, I was able to renew the items that I intended to return today. Though for future reference, it would be great if the returns box could be left out or appropriate instructions are posted which inform
users of just what to do with the media resources that they had intended to return.

I was specifically motivated to write to you because I envisioned that I would be charged late fees for the items that I was unable to return. Then I would have had to get into a detailed discussion with the media services staff explaining why the items should not be considered late, etc. Aside from the inconvenience of taking the time to pursue this matter with them, it is often an unfair discussion as the staff generally take the position that the student is automatically at fault for late returns.

Thank you for your attention.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  Following some tests, we hope that soon a return box for the Webster Library Media Desk will be available on weekends. Until then, we appreciate it when users return DVDs to the Media desk, as the regular circulation book drops may be damaging to media material. Patrons can also return media items to the Circulation Desk on the main floor of Webster Library (2nd floor of LB building). However if you find that all  the service desks are closed and no return box is available near the Media Desk, then media items can be returned in the book drops on the main floor of the library (2nd floor of the LB building).

Viewing room in the Vanier Library

You wrote:


I am disapointed with the recent transformation of the second floor media room (VL-203) into a group study room. I have used that room for study purposes for over 2 years now. It is a great room (quiet, large with access to computers) and it seems like a great waste to make it a group study room, when so many people like myself have relied on it for free study.  Please consider making it open to everyone again!

Thank you for your email.  I agree that it was nice to have that room as a computer lab.  However, the computers in VL 203 did not belong to the library but to IITS.  They were not being maintained and therefore users could not count on them to work well.  Since, generally speaking, the Vanier Library is quiet and spacious, it was felt that the room could be put to better use as a group study room.  We only have seven group study rooms at Loyola and students absolutely need more such spaces where they can discuss things.  In VL 203, with it’s large-screen TV,  they can also practice for presentations.  We have a similar room in the Webster Library and it is very well used.  You can see student response to that room here and here.

Media Study Room

You said:
“The Media Study Room on the 3rd floor is a great asset of the Webster Library. I hold my group meetings there and it allows all 5 of us to work efficiently by using the numerous resources available in the room. Its great to be able to hook up my laptop to the TV screen and the group can follow along. We can also practice for our class presentations in the room. I think that the library should have more of these viewing rooms!”

Jean-Marc Edwards, Assistant Director, User Services replied:

We are glad that you find the Viewing Room so useful. The room was designed for just this kind of thing. We realize how important group projects are, and we are always looking for ways to increase the amount of group space we can offer our students. We hope that you continue to benefit from the use of this room!