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Direct link to renewing books

You wrote:

i would seriously suggest you put the word RENEWAL in the search box…that way…we could be directed…to the right link or links..and renew the books..we have borrowed…pls. advise the programmer that to go indirectly via alternative or other words does not help right now i do not know…where to click to renew…probably an anonymous name…and i am not inside the library right now..thanks..

ps. previously i did suggest to put in evidence the new library books and that suggestion was implemented on the second floor…thanks again for that follow up…. have a great day….valentine day.

Thank you for your message.  I have passed it on to our Web Services Librarian and she has added a link to our homepage, in the “How do I” box, on the right-hand side of the screen.

how do i renew books

Oh, and happy Valentine’s Day to you too.  ♥

Renewing books online

You wrote:

where do you hide the click to find the name of the books we borrowed…i just want to renew one of them and can not find where you are hiding the right
click…please….show it with one link…thanks.

Thanks for writing in.  The renew button is in your MyCLUES account.  Connect to MyCLUES at: .  Once you are logged in you will see a screen like this one, with a list of items you have borrowed.   myclues_renew

Check off the title you want to renew then click on the Renew All button.  Complete instructions are here.

My Lists’ display

You wrote:

It would be very helpful if the call number would display in My Lists. As it is, you have to click on each entry in order to see it. I use the library fairly intensively and so would love to be able to print out “my list” and then go around to the stacks and pick up the books. As it is now I will need to create my own list from the list in order to record the call numbers.

The My List feature is a great thing, though.

Thank you for your email regarding My ListsMy Lists is one of the great new features that are now available in CLUES.  For those of you that are not familiar with them, more information is available at: .

I agree with you, it would be great if the list would display the call numbers.  I’ve created a short video that shows you how I would work around that.  Maybe this is what you’re already doing, but I thought I share it with you, just in case.  You can see the video here.

Group study room numbers

You wrote:

Hi, I would suggest that after booking a room at the library, you show the room number in the next page. Another thing, some people book for more than one room either by mistake or carelessness. So, if you could just give a permission for each student ID to book for not more than one room it will be good idea.

Many thanks

Thank you for your suggestion.  If you do not have a chance to jot down the group study room number while you are booking it, you can retrieve it in MyCLUES.

It is true that students are permitted to make up to three bookings at a time.  This is so that they can plan ahead for their group work.  Bookings can be cancelled in MyCLUES.

More information on booking a group study room can be found here.  For those of you that have never booked a group study room, here is a short video that shows you how it’s done.