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End of term – noise in the library

We have received a few comments about the level of noise in the libraries – patrons speaking loudly on the phone, or to each other, in the collaborative spaces and even inside the silent study rooms.  With final exams just around the corner, the libraries are becoming quite busy, and this can unfortunately lead to an increase in noise.

As per the Library Code of Conduct, disruptive noise, such as loud talking or noise from electronic devices is not permitted. Quiet talking at a low voice is permitted in the collaborative spaces, and silence is required in the silent study rooms. Our study hall monitors will be patrolling the library to ensure that these rules are enforced.

Should you encounter noisy conditions in the library in the future, please do not hesitate to report it using the Ask-a-Librarian Live Chat option ( or in person at the Reference desk.  If it occurs after hours, please alert the security agent.


Noise in the Library

You wrote:

It is stated in the library code of conduct:

“Disruptive noise is not permitted. This includes any noise or activity that disturbs the concentration of other users such as loud talking, noise from electronic devices and long conversations on electronic devices.  In addition, electronic devices should be turned on silent mode throughout the Library.”

So why does it feels like I’m in a food court while I’m the university library?
Please find something to stop that… It was super cool until the beginning of this year… 

Thank you for your comment.

I am sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing noisy conditions in the Library.  You are right, the Library Code of Conduct says exactly that.  The libraries are getting busier and busier as the term progresses – we have noted the increase in activity and noise, and have study hall monitors roaming the library to help ensure that rules are being followed.

If you encounter an unpleasant library work environment in the future, please do not hesitate to report it using the Ask-a-Librarian Live Chat option ( or in person at the Reference Desk.  If it occurs after service hours, you can alert the security agent.

Noise after hours in the Library

Students have written us about noise after hours and there is a procedure to follow in these cases.

After hours, if you encounter noise issues in silent study areas of the Library, please let the security agent on duty at the Library entrance know about any problems.

The security agent will call it in and another security agent will be sent to deal with the problem.

Thank you.

Noise from a classroom at Vanier Library

You wrote:

At the second floor of Vanier library right side of entrance there is a room separated from library just with glass block!! and at the majority of the weekends some student come and make a lot of noise, even sometimes they have music class with their teacher! and we can not concentrate for your studies or online exam. please try to use this place for quiet classes if you don’t mind.


On the second floor [at Vanier] there is a glass wall between the other building and library, (section of computers on the second floor and the class), always a lot of noise coming from it to the library. the noise consist of: laughing , talking, play and practice music, lecture of prof and students could you please pay attention and stop that noise.

Thank you for your comments.  The space described above, behind the glass, belongs to the Applied Human Sciences department.  Sometimes, the classes that take place in that room are more interactive (and loud)  and the noise carries into the Vanier library.

We have a good relationship with the department and are able to discuss the noise levels with them however, the noise level cannot always be controlled and modulated, due to the nature of the activities in that space.

Construction noise

You wrote:

Announcing or putting up a sign that there will be disruptive construction would be nice. It’s 10:15am on Friday and loud construction noises are making it
difficult to concentrate in a blue zone.

I’m very sorry that you encountered this situation.  You do not mention what library you were in so, I cannot explain what happened on that particular Friday.  However, there certainly is a lot going on in both libraries right now and although we do our best to warn our users of potential noise, it is sometimes out of our control.

Noisy cell phones use

You wrote:

Use of Cellphone — I do hope someone look at this issue in a serious manner. On the third floor, Girls’ washroom and behind media shelves have become people’s cellphone sanctuary.  I do not see why other students have to listen to other
individuals social life, especially when they are loud,disrespectful and no courtesy towards other students. This events are happening constantly. Thank you.

Thank you for sharing this with us.  In our rounds, we will pay special attention to this area.  In the meantime, here is a post from almost one year ago on this very subject.  When using a cell phone, please keep in mind that no one else is interested in your conversation.

Staff patrols in silent zones

You wrote:

I have been told that the library is no longer circulating staff to ensure that students are quiet.

This needs to change. Students still do not understand that they need to be silent  in the blue zones and it makes it very difficult for me to study. It is not sufficient to say that this problem will be resolved in a few years. Temporary solutions need to be put in place now. I need a silent study area, and the current state of this library is deplorable. 


It’d be much appreciated if people could supervise the blue zone once and a while. Its suppose to be a quiet place to study yet people are constantly talking and no one ever seems to do anything about it. If its not a priority for library staff why not just make everything an orange zone so those of us who want to study in peace have a reason to be frustrated.

Thank you for your messages.  There will be increased staff presence in the blue zones in the coming weeks.