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Write-n-Cite News

You wrote:

Please advise us when the new Write-N-Cite version compatible with Mac 10.7 will be available. Thanks!

Good timing, and good news:  the version of Write-N-Cite that you need has just become available, and we’ve added an announcement about it in our What’s New column. To learn about the latest happenings or receive important announcements without having to check the library website, you could always subscribe to our What’s New RSS or Twitter feed if you haven’t already. Thanks for writing in.

RefWorks Group Code

You wrote:

Can you please please please just give students the group code for RefWorks. This is what out tuition pays for and it would make like oh so much easier. Without it nothing really works properly when trying to import citations, even when all the instructions have been followed.

We are sorry to hear that you are having problems with RefWorks. If you are getting prompted for the group code then something is going wrong, as it is normally not required in order to use RefWorks or make anything work properly. Please contact Ask a Librarian for help with this issue, describing exactly what you are doing and how you are connecting when you are prompted for the code.

In the meantime, you can have the group code emailed to you by going to the RefWorks Login page, clicking on “Forgot your log-in?” and entering your email address.