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Book chapters via “Article Delivery” service

You wrote:

…I am extremely disappointed by the new policy regarding article delivery. I have been at Concordia for four years now, almost five, and I have greatly enjoyed the fact that I can request that a chapter of a book be sent to me as a PDF with this service. I have used it many times, especially recently as I am a TA and RA and this service expedited my work process greatly. It is inconvenient to have to take a book out of the library for one chapter, not to mention that it often prevents others from accessing the book for an extended period of time – people who might need the book for more than just a chapter. I recently tried to request a book chapter and was told that this service was no longer offered. I wanted to express my disappointment. I realize that this likely increases the volume of requests placed on the library staff, but you’ve taken away a much loved service!

Thank you for writing.  I have checked with the Document Delivery team and there has been no change in our policy.  If you request a book chapter, they will scan it and email it to you, as long as doing so complies with the Copyright Act. Maybe there was something specific about your request that made it impossible for us to complete it?  Please feel free to contact us via the Ask a librarian service and we will look into it.