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Webster Library – Main staircase entrance open

Webster Library’s main staircase has reopened.

With this reopening, entrance to the Webster Library will return to its permanent state. Students will enter the library from the main staircase on the first floor of LB to the second floor of LB, where the permanent entrance is located.

Once inside the Webster Library on the second floor of LB, students can take internal Library stairs or elevators to the third and fifth floors.

This will reduce the crowding of the elevator  and the fire escape stairways will no longer be needed.

Webster Library’s 4th floor and the west side of the third floor are currently closed in order to complete renovations. The Webster Library Transformation will be complete at the end of 2017.

When visitors enter Webster Library from the main staircase, they will be greeted immediately by the new service area for Questions? Ask Us! / Reference desk on the second floor of LB.

The Loans & Returns desk, self-checkout machines and the Course Reserves room are all also located on the second floor of Webster Library.

A brand new service will be launched on February 22: the Technology Sandbox on the second floor of Webster Library. It’s a place for the Concordia community to try out emerging technologies and cutting-edge equipment.   Register today for a workshop.

For more information about the new spaces at Webster Library, please see our website:

Accessing the Course Reserve Room on summer weekends

You wrote:

Hi, It says on the website and the sign outside the door that the Course Reserves room is open when the library is open, but today (Sunday) it is not. This is very inconvenient as I could have brought my textbook with me had I know i would not be able to access it from the course reserves room. Now I am not able to study properly having come all the way to campus on a Sunday. Suggest you update the information on the hours for the course reserves room.

I’m sorry you were unable to access your textbook.

The library staff leaves the Course Reserve Room open on Fridays in the summer when they leave for the weekend, and sometimes the room is inadvertently closed overnight, when it should be open to the public.

When there is no staff present in the libraries and the service points are closed, if you find the Course Reserve Room or any other public area inaccessible, you should contact the Security personnel in LB to open the room.

System outages at the libraries

You wrote:

Next time please do a better job letting students know that reserve books and laptops will not be available. The message on the website, which I only noticed when a staff member pointed it out to me, says something about IT services being down, but that circulation will be done manually. It didn’t say anything about certain items being completely unavailable and though I am a regular library user this was never mentioned to be verbally not did I see any physical signs informing me.

Thank you for considering my feedback for the next system outage!

Thank you for your suggestion.

I have forwarded these comments to the appropriate departments in the libraries and your suggestions will be taken under advisement in the case of any future outages.

Additionally, the library website is always a good place to check in and see the announcements and notices related to our services and facilities: 

Longer loan period for reserve textbooks

You wrote:

I would like to suggest that engineering textbooks on course reserves have at
least one copy available for more then 3hours, maybe a few days… because 3h
loans are simply not enough … and since the library no longer allows inter-library loan requests from other libraries for course reserved material, I think this would be a reasonable solution to this  problem
Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you for writing to the Suggestion Box.  We have received similar suggestions for business textbooks and I’m sure that other disciplines would like to have this option as well.  We are currently looking into whether what you suggest is feasible, but we want to ensure that everyone has fair access to the books. If you think your particular course does not have enough textbooks available, you may want to suggest the library purchase an additional copy on the following page:

With a CREPUQ card, you may also borrow a textbook in person from another university library (see other library catalogues: ).

Popular finance textbook

You wrote:

The Introduction to Corporate Finance book by Booth/Cleary is a three hour course reserve. I understand this for the current third edition, however I feel that it is bizarre that the first and second editions are also only a three hour loan. Please consider making these a three day loan.

I asked Michael Groenendyk, our Business Librarian, for help on this suggestion.  Here’s what he wrote:

Introduction to Corporate Finance is the textbook for COMM 308 – Introduction to Finance – a core course in Concordia’s finance program. This course is extremely large with hundreds of students enrolled in it. As such, copies of the textbook for this course – in all its editions – are in very high demand. Based on the course reserve usage figures, at this point in time, we need at least six copies of the textbook in the course reserve room in order to satisfy the demand for it.

Thank you for writing to us.

Returning reserves in the morning

Earlier this summer, you wrote:

For the books on reserve can we please be allowed to return the overdue books at 9:30am not 8:30am the next day? It’s a little too early to be here in Loyola at
8:30am for someone coming from Pi9.

Thanks for your understanding.

Good news!  When I first received your email,  I forwarded it to the Circulation Services Committee.  As of  September 28, reserve items lent overnight are due one hour after the Circulation desks open. So Monday-Friday they will be due at 9:30 am, and Saturday/Sunday they will be due at 11 am. This will affect loans made at the end of the day.

Thank you for your email.

Grace period for reserves

You wrote:

there should be at least a minimal grace period of 15 minutes or so on the 3 hour reserves as it is very easy when studying to to not notice that the three
hours are up and the fines are quite large and add up very quickly

Although I understand how easy it can be to lose track of time when one is studying, the point of the strict fines is to make sure that library materials are returned on time so that other students can consult them. This is especially the case with reserve items that are in high demand. If we had a 15-minute grace period, people would start bringing items back at the end of that period, so the idea of a “grace period” would not work.

It is difficult to imagine in the spring and summer months, but during the regular school year it is not uncommon for students to line up to borrow reserve items as soon as they are returned.

Thank you for your message.