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New online citation tool on library website

We have received a few comments suggesting that we post a link to “CitationGenerator” on the library’s “how to cite” page.

CitationGenerator is a cloud-based, add-free online citation tool that provides APA, MLA and Chicago citation formats.

We have added it to the website, under Help & How To –> Citing –> Online citation Tool.

Happy citing!

Starting a new academic year at Concordia!

Welcome from Concordia University Library to all of our new and returning students!

We welcome your comments, suggestions, reports of problems, and questions about our services or facilities, just click on the Feedback button on any of the Library webpages.

We have a lot of great workshops and services for you at the Library.

Undergrad? Check out the Fall 2016 General Library Workshops – they are open to everyone, no registration required.

Graduate student?  Check out the GradProSkills Fall 2016 Library Workshops – registration is required.

Keep up-to-date with library services and facilities by reading our What’s New, Announcements and Notices  and you can subscribe with to the RSS feed.

You can also follow Concordia Library on Twitter and Instagram: @ConcordiaLib – for news, information about our collections and services.

Temporary Entrances for Webster Library:

As part of Phase 3 of the Webster Library Transformation project, LB-2 is closed for renovations. The main staircase entrance to the Webster Library is closed until February 2017 as it is part of this phase of construction.

Visitors may enter the library via the temporary entrance on MacKay St. which provides stairs from street level to LB-3 or via the LB-1 elevator closest to the bookstore which goes directly to LB-3.

Signage has been posted on MacKay St. and on LB-1 indicating the temporary entrances.

Services that used to be on LB-2 (Circulation Desk, Reference Desk and the Course Reserves Room), as well as the book drop and newspapers display, are now on LB-3 in the MacKay St. / de Maisonneuve St. W. corner.

Phase 3 of the renovations is probably the largest of the 4 phases since it will encompass all of LB-2, including the entrance, the circulation and reference desks, and the main staircase. Work started on LB-2 Bishop St. side in March and on MacKay St. on May 10. The targeted date of completion is January 31, 2017.

To follow all the news about the Webster Library Transformation Project and renovations, check out the Webster Library Transformation Blog.

We’re looking forward to another great year at Concordia!

System outages at the libraries

You wrote:

Next time please do a better job letting students know that reserve books and laptops will not be available. The message on the website, which I only noticed when a staff member pointed it out to me, says something about IT services being down, but that circulation will be done manually. It didn’t say anything about certain items being completely unavailable and though I am a regular library user this was never mentioned to be verbally not did I see any physical signs informing me.

Thank you for considering my feedback for the next system outage!

Thank you for your suggestion.

I have forwarded these comments to the appropriate departments in the libraries and your suggestions will be taken under advisement in the case of any future outages.

Additionally, the library website is always a good place to check in and see the announcements and notices related to our services and facilities: 

Library Floorplan Maps

You wrote:

I love the floor plans on the Library website, it’s great when I need to find a study room. But I find the text a little hard to read, even if I zoom in – could they be uploaded with a higher resolution? Thanks! 

Thank you for your suggestion.

We’ve hyperlinked the images on the floorplans page so that if you click on a floorplan image on the page, a large-scale image will now open in your browser.


Banner on

You wrote:

I really despise the new library front page with the photos switching back and forth….Any way you could adjust the speed? It’s more nauseating than ‘showcasing what we’re doing at the library’, which I would suppose is your intention.

Thank you for your comments about our website. We have adjusted the speed at which the images rotate and added a fade between images so that the effect is more subtle.

You wrote:

Thank you thank you for fixing the main page! I have always hated how the photos just zoom across at a nauseating speed, and to make it worst, the page usually freezes on it while you’re desperately trying to go to another site (it was so obnoxious, I would open up Internet, and then work from another tab vs. working from the library site tab).

Now it’s much more subtle. That is really something that you really take the suggestions into account!

Thank you!

You’re welcome!

APA Style – Patents

You wrote:

As a second year student, I regularly refer to the “APA citation style” article. So far, it has been a perfect and useful reference. However, while writing a recent paper, I realized that there are no guidelines for patent referencing. I think the article would be even more complete if you could add another section related to patent citation and referencing. Thank you for your invaluable time and consideration.

We’re glad you find the APA guide so helpful to your studies.  Thank you for your suggestion, we have updated the APA guide with an example for Patents.

A good reminder, if you are looking for a citation example that is not included in our APA webpage, you can always consult with the print edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association; multiple copies are available at both Webster and Vanier libraries: 

Thank you for your interest in Concordia Libraries.

Library Quick Links

You wrote:

I miss the ‘quick links’ section of the former library website, which I used on an almost daily basis to locate books in other libraries, especially McGill. If it is here, I cannot find it.


It is better for the quick links to show the related library services as before, like RefWorks, APA style…… rather than the Concordia quick links; after all, it is the library web page. Fortunately, the A-Z library index is still kept on the top navigation bar. BTW, the bar for the opening hours is quite good.

Thank you for your comments, we’re glad you like the opening hours display and A-Z list on the redesigned Library Website.

When we redesigned our website to fit Concordia’s design we had to make some changes to our navigation and content, including the removal of the library quick links.

The links previously found under the old quick links section can be found via the library website search or in the locations listed in the table below.

Article delivery Under “Log into…”
Book a study room Under “Log into…”
Borrowing and renewing Under  TAB “Using the libraries”
Citation guides Under  TAB “Help & How-to”
Course reserves On home page
Find article from citation On databases page
Fines On borrowing and renewing page
Library PIN & barcode Under TAB “Using the Libraries” > “Wifi, computers…”
Other library catalogues On home page under “Online reference”
RefWorks Under “Log into…”
Request forms Each form can be found with its related service. Many are also listed on the Information for Faculty web page (link in the footer of the website)
Wifi, computers & printing On  TAB “Using the libraries”