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Wifi or Internet connectivity issues

We’ve heard from you about Wifi speed and connectivity issues.

IITS is the department responsible for the Wifi Network and Internet on the Concordia campuses.

If you want to report a Wifi or Internet connectivity issue on campus, you can use the IT Service Support Request:

You can also check the Service Status of all the campus online services, Wifi and Internet on the IITS Services webpage:

You can also submit Library Feedback if there is an issue in one of the library buildings, but we encourage you to please include your contact information, otherwise we cannot ask follow-up questions about the type of device and service you were using, or your exact location, etc. and ultimately may not be able to review the problem fully.

Thank you.

Webster Library 4th floor wifi and power outlets

You wrote:

Hi, Concordia library is a great place to study. It provides me a great atmosphere to concentrate. Best part is the Blue Zone.

But there are some suggestions I want to make.

1. Really weak WiFi signal in some places on 4th floor. Some times it takes too long to open even a e-mail. As we need internet to study, to do assignments so with slow connection sometimes it irritates.

2. The power plugs- there are many cubicles on 4th floor in the blue zone where the power plugs doesn’t work. Personal experience- In the winter exam period when the whole library was fulled with students I find a empty cubicle but when my laptop battery gets down i plugged it but it was not working, not even the nearby plugs, so I had to change my place. Few days back also when i try to connect my laptop power plug was not working.

These are just my personal suggestions. Hope you will understand and try to resolve these issues. Thank you. 🙂


I have a suggestion for the library. I do regularly visit the library and I have noticed that Wifi connectivity on the fourth floor (orange zone) is really poor. Which makes it difficult for students like me to browse for any curriculum related contents. Could you please look in to the aforementioned problem. Thank you.!!

Thank you for your comments.  We’re glad to hear that you’re regular visitors and have helpful suggestions for the library.

Power outlets: We did testing of the outlets near the study carrels on the 4th floor, East side blue zone, and all of them were working except for one cluster.  We have reported this to Facilities Management and the Electrical team.

Wifi: We contacted IITS with your comments and they found an area of the 4th floor in LB where the signal strength could be improved.  IITS has installed an additional access point that will help improve connectivity in this area.

Please continue to send us your comments and suggestions, the more details you include about the location of problems when reporting building issues, the better we can assist you.  

Poor wifi in grad room

You wrote:

The ConcordiaUniversity Wifi – internet reception is very poor in the Graduate study areas located in the 4th floor of the Webster library. Most of the time
internet will not be available. Fix this please.

Although the wireless network falls under the domain of the University’s IITS, I will forward it to Library Systems, who in turn will bring it to the attention of IITS.  Thank you for reporting this.

October 21, quick update:  Good news!  That room has many windows and gets a lot of interference from outside. IITS installed one more wireless access point near that room to boost the signal strength.   Wifi connection should be more stable from now on.

Difficulties connecting to the wifi network

You wrote: 

The internet connection in the Downtown library [stinks] big time. I have been reporting this problem for past three years, but I am happy to see that there is no response to my “suggestions”.


Can something please be done about wifi interference in the libraries? It’s incredibly annoying to have to continuously move in order to find a spot where columns, metal desks or anything else doesn’t interfere with the Wifi connection. And the whole time knowing that there won’t be a plug available wherever you move… because there are next to none available.

I am sorry that you have been having trouble with the Internet connection in the Libraries. It can be very frustrating to lose the connection. Unfortunately, the wireless network does not fall under the Libraries’ jurisdiction, but under that of the university’s IITS. Please feel free to let us know of these problems and we will pass them on to our colleagues at IITS.

“Reserve” room LB-201

You wrote:


As I was studying, I just spoke to someone who told me that the former interlibrary loans office which was located next to the computer labs in the downtown library, is going to be renovated and used for reserves. I am asking why is this to be? Since new carpeting has been added, and some fold up tables and chairs installed, it has become an extra space for students to study.

Yesterday there were only five tables and today there are 14 tables in total and every table is being used by someone. In fact as soon as someone leaves, another person takes the space. This study space is so necessary. I don’t understand why the students cannot have it to study when from midterms to the end of finals, its impossible to find decent study space because the students are all crowded on top of another that it becomes necessary to go off campus to study. In fact I study alot at McGill because I can’t find decent, quiet study space in this library. Every year there are more students and not enough study space for them to study. This problem isn’t new either. About three years ago, all of the departments in the LB moved up a floor to enable the library to expand onto the 5th floor. Three years later, this hasn’t happened and no new space has been added. The only two postive things which has happened was the addition of new laptops, and the designation of quiet zones.

We are desperately needing more quiet zone blue space, more space to study in this university with plugs might I also add. Because the rare vacant place during the busy season, IE October to the middle of December. I’m on my second degree and I’m tired of searching for decent study space.

Thank you very much for writing to us. We appreciate your concern and agree with you that there is a lack of study space in the Webster Library. However, we are also trying to meet other demands from our users.

As you may know, almost one year ago, undergraduate students voted in a referendum in favour of contributing funds to the Libraries to enhance services and the collection. One improvement is that the Libraries are to automatically purchase all required undergraduate textbooks and coursepacks and make them available to students. Students at the Loyola campus have benefitted from this initiative as all textbooks are now on reserve at the Vanier Library. Unfortunately, for the downtown students, this has only been possible for textbooks priced at over $50.00. This is due to space constraints. There simply is not enough room behind the Webster Library Circulation Desk to house such a large collection.

The new room that you refer to, LB-201 will be the “reserve room”. This room will provide easier access to reserve items. It is meant to be a self-service area, so students will have to face fewer line-ups!

Just down the hall from LB-201, room LB-211 has recently been refurbished. New tables have been installed with outlets for laptop use. Until the end of November, LB-211 will be used for classes. After this period, the room will become a Blue Silent Zone, with 30 seats. In the meantime, until the renovation begins, LB-201 will remain open.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to write to us. Rest assured that the Concordia Libraries are aware of the space shortage downtown and are working on finding ways to offer more study space in the Webster Library.

Trouble getting into the system

You wrote:  

How come I can’t get in to the system? I type my name and bar code and get told it is invalid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

I’m sorry to hear that you cannot get into the system.  What are you trying to access?  A database?  A journal article?  An e-book?

At first glance, it sounds to me like you need assistance with your barcode and PIN.  Information on library PIN is available on this page:  

If you are working off-campus, you may also like to consider downloading the VPN software onto your computer.  Information on how to do that is available at:  

If you are trying to accesss the wireless network in the library, find out how to set up your laptop at:   

Or perhaps you are trying to access one of the library’s computers?  Your portal netname and password should let you in.  If you need to re-set your MyConcordia password, you can do so at:  

 Finally, if none of these pages are helpful, do not hesitate to “ask a librarian” for help.  You can contact us via chat, email, telephone and face-to-face.  Contact information is available at: 

Good luck!


You wrote:

The internet in the library is horrible. On 3rd and 4th floors, the connection always cuts randomly and sometimes it does not come back for 40 minutes. When it is very crowded in the library, it seems like an utopia to find a spot where internet is working well. I know it is not only me and my computer, I always ask the people around me and they have the same problem. Please find a solution to this and let us work efficiently in our library!

The Library does not manage the wireless access provided on campus. We are sorry that you have experienced problems with the network. We encourage you to report this problem directly to Concordia’s Instructional & Information Technology Services who is in charge of the network by emailing them at or by phone at 514 848 24214 ext. 7613.