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Wifi or Internet connectivity issues

We’ve heard from you about Wifi speed and connectivity issues.

IITS is the department responsible for the Wifi Network and Internet on the Concordia campuses.

If you want to report a Wifi or Internet connectivity issue on campus, you can use the IT Service Support Request:

You can also check the Service Status of all the campus online services, Wifi and Internet on the IITS Services webpage:

You can also submit Library Feedback if there is an issue in one of the library buildings, but we encourage you to please include your contact information, otherwise we cannot ask follow-up questions about the type of device and service you were using, or your exact location, etc. and ultimately may not be able to review the problem fully.

Thank you.

Firefox and Chrome on Libraries’ workstations

You wrote:

Is there any possibility that Firefox can be installed on the computers? Many websites, including Moodle for academic quizzes, don’t work well with Internet Explorer.

Thank you for your suggestion. The Libraries’ Systems Office supports Internet Explorer as the default primary browser. Firefox or Google Chrome are available for download and can be installed by you, as you need them.  Please note that any software installed by users is unsupported and should only be used for testing and/or troubleshooting purposes.

Another thing you can do is contact one of our Ask a Librarian services for help.  Be sure to provide us with the course number that you are having trouble with.  It makes it easier for us to help you.

Frustration with Libraries’ workstations

You wrote:

Windows 7 on the library stations is particularly frustrating and limiting to use. Relegated to IE only, which seems to crash whenever I attempt to load anything other than the library website is challenging. Flash and other features either fail to load, or require administrative rights to enable.  This is a major challenge when attempting to complete coursework for online classes that has embedded video content. Attempting to install any other browser is also limited. It recently took IE longer to load the library webpage than it did for me to find Firefox online, and install it on the computer (though, of course, once I log out it is removed from the hard drive).

IE forces you to only use Windows products, seemingly, though as previous posts have highlighted, that’s only if you are able to find them.

The current condition of internet access at the library is frustrating. Either we take our chances with the spotty and frequently dropping wifi within the library on our own devices, or we’re relegated to slogging through cumbersome set-ups on restricted machines that lack even basic functionality.

The wifi has been so spotty that I’ve been trying to use the workstations, but with WIndows 7 configured as it is, it borders on useless for anything other than searching the library catalog, and you already have stations for that.

Thank you for taking the time to write to us.  I am sorry to hear that you have been having problems using the Libraries’ workstations.  The next time you are having trouble with one of the Libraries’ workstations, please do not hesitate to ask for help at the Reference Desk.  If the reference service is unavailable, please send us an email, as you have done, including the following information in your message:

•  Library name
•  Workstation number
•  URL which crashed Internet Explorer (IE)
•  What were the attempted actions which required administrative permissions
•  URL of online course content which could not be accessed

These types of complaints are taken seriously and investigated but without the necessary information to troubleshoot, we can only ask for more detail.


You wrote:

My only suggestion is to switch to a better browser; opting for Chrome or Firefox instead of Internet Explorer would make internet-browsing a lot less of a hassle.

Internet Explorer is incredibly problematic when opening new tabs, loading links, opening new windows. The overall stability of IE is horrible when compared with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox especially.

The countless add-ons that Google and Mozilla provide make for an unquestionably better internet experience than that of Internet Explorer’s.


Thanks for your comments about access to browsers others than Internet Explorer on library workstations. The Library is not at this moment offering  browsers other than IE, but is planning to do so when a safe update mechanism for these browsers can be implemented in a networked environment. Our goal is to provide these browsers in the future.

Using Computers for Non-Academic Purposes

You wrote:

The computers in the library are in very high demand. I would like to bring it to your attention that a significant proportion of the time spent on library computers is for non-academic purposes such as YouTube, Facebook and even online games. This can be very frustrating when you need a computer to complete an assignment for school. Please monitor the students’ use of the computers.

Thank you for writing. We do understand that computers are in very high demand and we state that the library computers are for academic, not recreational, use.  However, it would be a considerable invasion of students’ privacy to have someone monitoring the use of library computers. The role of YouTube, Facebook and other social networking sites in student life is considerable, and often these sites are used for managing academic as well as personal life, so it is not always easy to determine what is a non-academic use of computers. Ultimately, it is up to each student to recognize that a limited number of computers are available in our libraries, and use of them should be appropriately academic. It’s a matter of respect for one’s fellow students to use computers for academic purposes.

 We have as many workstations as our resources permit, and we have added more than 90 new laptops since January. Thank you again for your comment.

Internet Speed

You wrote:

Internet reception and speed is very slow, many times it never even loads the websites you are visiting. It is very unreliable. Since if you were to use the library to take an online exam, some course exams if the connection is lost, it incurs a big problems with resheduling an online exam and so on. please look into this situation.

Thanks for your comment. The speed slows down in the peak periods of the day when we experience the highest levels of traffic.