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Power for laptops

We received two recent comments about outlets for laptops.

You wrote:

The power outlets scattered around the library are a major problem. First of all the number of these outlets is too few. Secondly, there are numerous systems that could be used to provide power outlets for every or at least every two study stations.  Right now there are plenty of free spots around the library but people only use the stations that are near the power outlets. This lack of power outlets not only makes the seats near them too noisy and crowded but also makes it almost impossible to find a seating spot near them.


At the library, I usually bring my own laptop as I enjoy writing papers here rather than in my noisy home. However, I usually have to stump my
“writing-flow” as my computer slowly runs out of battery (usually lasts three hours). The stations with outlets are always full (night and day). It would be wonderful to have at least one outlet for every four stations.

Thank you for your suggestions. Last year over one hundred 7-outlet power bars were added to all floors of the Webster and Vanier libraries in order to significantly increase the number of outlets available to students with laptops. It looks like there is still a need for more  in certain areas of Webster however.  We are planning on adding electrical outlets during this academic year and will keep you posted on the progress of these plans.

And a bit of related good news:  We have just renovated our library classroom LB 211. When it is not booked for classes the room  will offer seating  and laptops for up to 30 students.  This semester it should be available for general student use as of Novermber 30.

More Computers

You wrote:

This is about the Webster library: I am literally fed up with the lack of computers in the downtown library. Today (like every day) I had to stand in line to use a computer.Now as I type this I see 6 students waiting to use a computer and this isn’t even the “high” use time which seems to be around lunch hour.

 Another complaint I have is with the printers. Today only ONE printer is working and the other two are not. I stood in line with over 15 other students to print one page out. This is an outrage!

 Suggestions: I suggest that the university make another room available with more computers. There is a smaller roomon the 2nd floor library that I have used before, but now there is a sign stating that it will be closed because there is a big demand for that room. Students cannot use it now and yet, it is sitting empty as I type this. A suggestion for the printers would be – have another printer available and please have someone who can do maitenence on the machines working so that they can be fixed as soon as possible. Thank you.

Thank you for writing with your feedback and your suggestions. I am sorry that you have experienced frustration when trying to use the computers and printers at the Library. We have as many computers as our limited resources allow. We know that demand for computers is very high on campus. As enrollment increases at Concordia, so too does demand for computers at the Library. We work as fast as possible to maintain the computer equipment we have available. The printers will be fixed as soon as possible. 

Please note that we will be acquiring more than 70 new laptops, thanks to the CSU contribution. You can borrow a laptop at the Circulation Desk.

 The Library offers many workshops in room 203,and so for a period of time each semester this computer lab is unavailable as an individual workspace while workshops are offered. We know that this is inconvenient, but we need this space to deliver workshops to groups of students. Often there are periods of time when the room is empty, because otherwise we would be kicking students out every couple of hours to use the room for classes. We are sorry for the inconvenience. We know how much those computers are needed. There is a schedule of workshops posted at the door of LB-203 and as of February 11th, the room will be open for walk-in use again.

 Thank you for your suggestions.