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Guest computer accounts

You wrote:

Sometimes i come here during noon, but unfortunately i can not use the internet before 9pm!! however more than 80% of the computers are free! and nobody used them!  please change the time schedule of the internet for this kind of student.

Thank you for your message.  I’m assuming that you are referring to guest access to the Libraries’ computers.  
If you wish to consult resources that are part of our online collection, you are welcome to consult them on specially identified workstations in the Libraries.
These terminals will connect you to our online catalogue (CLUES), our databases and our vast collection of electronic journals and ebooks.  These terminals are available to everyone, during the Libraries’ opening hours.  No login required.
However, the rest of the Concordia Libraries’ computers (the ones with full Internet, MS Office, etc.) are for the current Concordia community, first and foremost.  The reasoning behind our policy regarding guests is that if you are a student at another institution, you have access at your home institution’s workstations.  If you are a member of the general public, you can use a public library.  If you live in the Ville de Montréal, you may consult its complete list of branch libraries.  There also is the Grande Bibliothèque, right downtown.  

Trouble getting into the system

You wrote:  

How come I can’t get in to the system? I type my name and bar code and get told it is invalid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

I’m sorry to hear that you cannot get into the system.  What are you trying to access?  A database?  A journal article?  An e-book?

At first glance, it sounds to me like you need assistance with your barcode and PIN.  Information on library PIN is available on this page:  

If you are working off-campus, you may also like to consider downloading the VPN software onto your computer.  Information on how to do that is available at:  

If you are trying to accesss the wireless network in the library, find out how to set up your laptop at:   

Or perhaps you are trying to access one of the library’s computers?  Your portal netname and password should let you in.  If you need to re-set your MyConcordia password, you can do so at:  

 Finally, if none of these pages are helpful, do not hesitate to “ask a librarian” for help.  You can contact us via chat, email, telephone and face-to-face.  Contact information is available at: 

Good luck!

NetName and Logons

You wrote:

hey, it would be great if the library login info was just our netname, and was tied to our myconcordia stuff, so that if you logged into one you where logged into the other and visa-versa. one username and password for all concordia services would be awesome.

We agree, it would be awesome! The Library is looking into having people type in their NetName  instead of the barcode in the future.

Ode to the Barcode

You wrote:

please equip the library with scanners so we don’t have to enter the 14 digit  bar code

Yes, it can be tiring to always type in those 14 digits. The Library is looking into having people type in their Netname  instead of the barcode in the future. Thanks for writing; we know the barcode isn’t always fun.