Library Floorplan Maps

You wrote:

I love the floor plans on the Library website, it’s great when I need to find a study room. But I find the text a little hard to read, even if I zoom in – could they be uploaded with a higher resolution? Thanks! 

Thank you for your suggestion.

We’ve hyperlinked the images on the floorplans page so that if you click on a floorplan image on the page, a large-scale image will now open in your browser.


Noise from a classroom at Vanier Library

You wrote:

At the second floor of Vanier library right side of entrance there is a room separated from library just with glass block!! and at the majority of the weekends some student come and make a lot of noise, even sometimes they have music class with their teacher! and we can not concentrate for your studies or online exam. please try to use this place for quiet classes if you don’t mind.


On the second floor [at Vanier] there is a glass wall between the other building and library, (section of computers on the second floor and the class), always a lot of noise coming from it to the library. the noise consist of: laughing , talking, play and practice music, lecture of prof and students could you please pay attention and stop that noise.

Thank you for your comments.  The space described above, behind the glass, belongs to the Applied Human Sciences department.  Sometimes, the classes that take place in that room are more interactive (and loud)  and the noise carries into the Vanier library.

We have a good relationship with the department and are able to discuss the noise levels with them however, the noise level cannot always be controlled and modulated, due to the nature of the activities in that space.

Force black and white printing on a colour Dprint machine

There is a way to force the colour Dprint machines to print in black and white, and only charge your account for black and white prices:

Select the “Force Monochrome” box on the Dprint touch screen.

From the Dprint website:

If you send it to a Colour queue, you can choose either to print in colour or to force a black- and- white printout (for regular Black and White prices) by selecting the “Force Monochrome” box on the touch screen.

Holiday Hiatus

The Library Feedback blogger will be on hiatus for the holidays starting Friday, December 19th.

Keep sending in your comments and suggestions, I will be back to reply on Monday, January 5th, 2015.

As a reminder, Concordia Libraries’ buildings and services have special holiday hours until January 5th, so please consult with our website to find out more details about what is open and when: 

Have a safe and relaxing holiday!  We’ll see you in 2015!

Banner on

You wrote:

I really despise the new library front page with the photos switching back and forth….Any way you could adjust the speed? It’s more nauseating than ‘showcasing what we’re doing at the library’, which I would suppose is your intention.

Thank you for your comments about our website. We have adjusted the speed at which the images rotate and added a fade between images so that the effect is more subtle.

You wrote:

Thank you thank you for fixing the main page! I have always hated how the photos just zoom across at a nauseating speed, and to make it worst, the page usually freezes on it while you’re desperately trying to go to another site (it was so obnoxious, I would open up Internet, and then work from another tab vs. working from the library site tab).

Now it’s much more subtle. That is really something that you really take the suggestions into account!

Thank you!

You’re welcome!

Vanier Library – Dprint loader receipts and printer maintenance

You wrote:

It’s just ironic that although Concordia preaches about sustainability, at Loyola, you still get a ridiculous printout receipt for filling up your copy card. Makes sense? Do you really think anyone treasures the fact that they added two bucks to their card, and needs to commemorate it in print? It’s an unbelievable waste of paper, ink and expense, and the conveniently placed  garbage can under the machine just encourages people to throw out the paper- so much for recycling.

If there is this additional money to just throw away on useless receipts, I would much rather it be spent making sure the printers actually work (when I came to the library yesterday, two of the printers were already ‘temporarily’ out of order. As a student who has pumped in much money to this school, we deserve much better than this. This is absolutely ridiculous, especially at this time of year when we Need things to reliably work), full of paper, and more routinely checked and maintained.

if you have the money, spend it on maintain the printers during the evenings- to tell students, “sorry, guess you’ll have to just print and hand out your assignments during our working hours” when as students, we’re here at all hours of the day, is insulting, unfair, and a very lame excuse.

Thank you for your comments.

The reason that the DPrint loader at the Vanier Library automatically prints receipts, is to prevent a noisy beeping sound.

The loader can be set up to not print receipts as a default, but it requires input from the patron on whether or not to print a receipt. To alert the patron that input is needed, the loader beeps incessantly. This was disturbing to students and staff so it was changed it to print without waiting for input and without beeping.

The Vanier Library has been in contact with Dprint regarding the maintenance and paper loading for the printers in the library. Approximately two weeks ago, Dprint changed the servicing frequency and time for the Vanier Library printers.  We hope this will address the concerns of the library community.

You can also always send comments directly to Dprint:

Contact the DPrint team at
If you are experiencing problems using the DPrint self-serve devices on campus or have questions regarding our services do not hesitate to contact us.
DPrint Administration
LB-018 (metro level)
next to the Bookstore
514-848-2424, ext. 3476