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All the Library’s locations are temporarily closed until at least May 1. While our physical locations are closed, we are committed to supporting you throughout this period in completing your studies, teaching, and research.

We will continue to monitor the suggestions emails, so please keep writing!

For information on which Library services are available during this period, please visit https://library.concordia.ca/covid19/.


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Concordia User Navigation Project

We are looking for participants for a User Navigation Project at Concordia University Library. We are asking for a commitment of 90 to 120 minutes. Participants will be compensated with a $40 gift card of their choice to either Amazon, Pharmaprix, Metro grocery store or Concordia Bookstore.

Participants will be given a task and asked to find their way around the library to accomplish that task. After completion, there will be an interview to discuss the participants’ navigation of the library. Due to the scope of the project, not all people who apply can be selected for participation.

For more information about the project see: https://library.concordia.ca/about/improvement/?guid=postcard

Questions about the project can be sent to: lib-suggestions@concordia.ca

Graduate study spaces

We’ve heard from users that non-graduate students sometimes use the graduate study space on the 5th floor in the Webster Library (LB-561, LB-562, LB-564 and LB-545). These rooms are reserved for and should only be used by graduate students.

Security agents will be checking for IDs in this area periodically, to ensure that it is used by the intended students.

Send us a postcard from your travels around the library!

We are interested in learning more about how users locate the library’s services and navigate the physical spaces.  Once we know this, we can come up with solutions regarding wayfinding in the newly renovated Webster Library and in the planning of any Vanier improvements.

Before we can start improving the wayfinding in the library, we first need to know, what are the problems? What resources or services do you find hard to find? What things frustrate you as you move about the library?

We have set up blue mailboxes around the library and are asking users to send us a postcard about things they find frustrating or hard to find as they travel around the library. The mailboxes stations will be in place for the month of October 2019.


New online citation tool on library website

We have received a few comments suggesting that we post a link to “CitationGenerator” on the library’s “how to cite” page.

CitationGenerator is a cloud-based, add-free online citation tool that provides APA, MLA and Chicago citation formats.

We have added it to the website, under Help & How To –> Citing –> Online citation Tool.

Happy citing!

End of term – noise in the library

We have received a few comments about the level of noise in the libraries – patrons speaking loudly on the phone, or to each other, in the collaborative spaces and even inside the silent study rooms.  With final exams just around the corner, the libraries are becoming quite busy, and this can unfortunately lead to an increase in noise.

As per the Library Code of Conduct, disruptive noise, such as loud talking or noise from electronic devices is not permitted. Quiet talking at a low voice is permitted in the collaborative spaces, and silence is required in the silent study rooms. Our study hall monitors will be patrolling the library to ensure that these rules are enforced.

Should you encounter noisy conditions in the library in the future, please do not hesitate to report it using the Ask-a-Librarian Live Chat option (http://library.concordia.ca/help/questions/) or in person at the Reference desk.  If it occurs after hours, please alert the security agent.