Construction odours at Vanier Library

You wrote:

The third floor of Vanier Library smells of gas in the back (by book rows SD 1- SK 152).

Thank you for your comment.

Roofing work is currently taking  place (as of Monday, April 18, 2016) on the south-west corner of the VE building.  Usually, work is done for the day by 3 or 3:30 PM. Slight tar-like odours might be noticed inside the building, but no special precaution need take place as the product is safe.  The project should be done in three weeks or less, depending on weather.

Keeping the libraries clean

You wrote:

I know it’s finals right now and it’s definitely majorly the fault of student using the facility, but there is so much trash on the floor and tables and stains on the tables. There should be stricter food and drink rules so that the cleaning staff can actually manage this. Thanks.

Thank you for your comments.  It is definitely more difficult during finals.  We have forwarded your concerns to the Custodial department.

The Libraries have specific policies outlined in the Library Code of Conduct, regarding food and drink and our facilities:

FOOD and BEVERAGES Beverages are permitted if they are in spill proof containers only.

Food is prohibited except for designated snacking areas.

RESPECT LIBRARY RESOURCES, SPACES and FACILITIES Users are responsible for the careful handling of Library materials. Defacing or damaging Library materials (such as through marking, highlighting, underlining, writing notes, attaching post-it notes, folding corners, removing pages, or removing security devices) is forbidden.

Users are responsible for using Library spaces, equipment, furnishings and facilities in a responsible and respectful way. This helps to preserve facilities and ensure a welcoming and clean environment. Users must not place their feet on chairs, window sills or tables and must keep spaces neat and tidy.

Everyone using the libraries spaces should be abiding by the Library Code of Conduct and we need participation from all patrons to keep the library spaces clean and usable for the next person(s).

Lights malfunctioning on Lb3

You wrote:

Reading room 3rd floor (345.195) Light not working (works for 1 mins then turns off).

Thank you for letting us know, we have submitted a work order with our Facilities Services department to have maintenance done on those lights.

This is a good place for a reminder, when reporting building issues and problems with our facilities, please include as much information as possible, like the example above with a room number, so we can address the problem quickly and efficiently.  Thank you for your comments!

Cubicles/Study Carrels at Webster Library

We’ve heard from several of you about the lack of study carrels/cubicles in the newly renovated spaces at Webster Library.

The cubicles of the style you refer to are being phased out as part of the Webster Library Transformation Project.  Once the Transformation is complete all silent study spaces at the Webster Library will be contained within closed rooms, such as the new reading rooms currently available on LB3. 

The new reading rooms include a new contemporary style of individualized study space, or carrel. These new spaces feature partitions that are significantly lower than the old style cubicles in order to provide improved visibility, lighting and security. The facing partition (30 cm) and the side partitions are meant to help limit distractions.

 However,  as a result the comments we have received on this issue, we have decided to re-examine the design of the carrels to be placed in the renovated 2nd and 4th floors of the transformed Webster Library.

We are exploring the possibility of having a carrel design that will still allow improved visibility, lighting and security but which would have higher partitions to provide greater isolation from distractions.

Thank you for your comments.

Respectful Use of Group Study Rooms

If you are unable to keep a reservation that you’ve made for a Group Study Room, we ask that you please cancel your booking. To cancel your booking follow these steps:

  • log into Booked (
  • click on My Account
  • click on My Bookings
  • click on the booking you want to cancel
  • click Delete

Thank you for deleting reservations you are unable to make, it allows other students to book the room.

-Library Management

Feedback made easier

We heard from a number of our users that it was difficult to find the Feedback link on the library’s website.

In order to make it easier for you to send your comments and suggestions, we’ve added a floating button on the bottom right side of all of our webpages. As always, we encourage you to contact us with your questions and