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Lights malfunctioning on Lb3

You wrote:

Reading room 3rd floor (345.195) Light not working (works for 1 mins then turns off).

Thank you for letting us know, we have submitted a work order with our Facilities Services department to have maintenance done on those lights.

This is a good place for a reminder, when reporting building issues and problems with our facilities, please include as much information as possible, like the example above with a room number, so we can address the problem quickly and efficiently.  Thank you for your comments!

Buzzing lights and squeaky doors

You wrote:

There has been a very loud buzzing coming from one of the fluorescent lights in the 4th floor, quiet study area (the room in the back with the red desks) for the past 2 weeks. Sitting anywhere in the north half of this room is kind of intolerable due to this buzzing.

Maintenance should really come and replace whichever bulb is buzzing.. it’s so loud!

Thank you for reporting this.  The problem has been fixed.  In going up to check on it, we noticed that the door to the women’s washroom squeaks….  We’ll get that fixed too!  🙂

Lighting in the Cubicles

You wrote:

I would like to point out that the lighting in many of the cubicles on the 4th and 3rd floor is insufficient. The walls of the cubes tend to create shadows. As well many of the cubes are not underneath any direct lighting; therefore creating shadows. With the student library fund I would highly suggest the lighting be upgraded as is the case in the Webster study hall on the second floor and similar to the study halls in the JMSB building. Thank you.

Thanks for your detailed note — and for bringing this new  issue to the Suggestion Box.