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Library Floorplan Maps

You wrote:

I love the floor plans on the Library website, it’s great when I need to find a study room. But I find the text a little hard to read, even if I zoom in – could they be uploaded with a higher resolution? Thanks! 

Thank you for your suggestion.

We’ve hyperlinked the images on the floorplans page so that if you click on a floorplan image on the page, a large-scale image will now open in your browser.


Construction noise

You wrote:

Announcing or putting up a sign that there will be disruptive construction would be nice. It’s 10:15am on Friday and loud construction noises are making it
difficult to concentrate in a blue zone.

I’m very sorry that you encountered this situation.  You do not mention what library you were in so, I cannot explain what happened on that particular Friday.  However, there certainly is a lot going on in both libraries right now and although we do our best to warn our users of potential noise, it is sometimes out of our control.

Wall signs for blue zone

You wrote:

can we have WALL signs for the blue zone on the second floor where the computers are?
people are clever here and they take little orange signs with them and place them where they want to have conversations, like little flags they can plant when they conquer an area

Thank you for your email.  You are right, some students do try to get away with that.  It reminds me of the “old days” when restaurants had smoking and non-smoking sections.  In some places, the ashtray on the table indicated that it was “smoking”, no ashtray meant “non-smoking”…..  🙂

Both libraries have tent signs and wall signs to indicate that the area is blue or orange.  In fact, we recently got beautiful new signs, designed by a Concordia student.

Friendly reminder not to leave your belongings unattended

You wrote:

Please start a campaign similar to this:

Particularly during exam period, I dozens of laptops unattended. It also baffles me when students ask complete strangers to watch their stuff. It’s unpleasant to lose a valuable. Maybe this would help.

Thank you very much for this reminder.  The Libraries do have signs that warn students not to leave their belongings unattended.  However it is always a good idea to be safe.  The University’s Security Department has a useful Tips page here.

Noise update

In early February, a student, unhappy with the noisy situation at the downtown library, started a Facebook group, in support of a silent library.  Many posted on the Facebook page and sent in comments to the Libraries Suggestion Box As of this morning, the FB group has 415 members.  One of them being Guylaine Beaudry, the Director of the Webster Library.  Ms. Beaudry has corresponded and met with the students.  Here is what she posted on the FB page late last week:

Message from Guylaine Beaudry, Director, Webster Library
Thank you all of you for your suggestions and comments on how to improve the quality of the study spaces in the Webster Library. The library, in collaboration with [two students] and CSU representatives serving on the Library Services Fund Committee, has taken the following two actions in response to your expressed needs. 1- As of Monday, March 18, and until the end of the semester, an extra security agent will patrol the Webster Library from 11:00 a.m. to 20:00 p.m., seven days/week, except over the Easter holiday .
2- In the library, you will soon see new signage prepared by [a student] to reinforce the message about silence in Blue Zones. We will assess these measures at the end of the semester. Please continue to use this Facebook Group page to share your thoughts!
You may also continue to send your suggestions to the Libraries’ Suggestion Box!

Frustrating signage

You wrote:

I often work on the third floor in the Webster library (which does NOT at all have enough computers to meet the demand) and wanted to make two suggestions in terms of signage:

– “please note these computers are prioritized for academic work and research. If you are planning on staying here for hours on end, watching foreign films on Youtube, buying on Ebay, and updating your Facebook account, please consider doing it elsewhere” as I am often waiting to do work while people are enjoying themselves for hours at a time.

– ****”during busy hours, please look to the line-up for computers PRIOR to sitting down, as there may be someone waiting there for a while you just waltz in and (selfishly) grab the recently made available computer”

PLEASE for everyone’s sanity, make the line-up sign BIGGER and CLEARER as I just had to confront a guy who just waltzed in and took the computer, while I had been waiting for over 20 minutes near the very UNvisible and non-descript sign. Many people just think students are sitting there to study and don’t make the connection with the computers. This is incredibly frustrating, so any form of remedy would be better than how it stands now.

Thank you for your message.  We will review the signage for that area.