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Temperature in the Grey Nuns Reading Room

You wrote:

The Grey Nuns Reading Room is by my far my favourite place to study on campus. No other place is as spacious and quiet. However, I study there several times a week and I find myself trying to find an unreserved group room because the room is way too hot.

Thank you for your message.  I’m happy to hear that you’re enjoying the study space, but sorry to hear that you’ve been dealing with some uncomfortable temperatures.

Unfortunately the Grey Nuns Reading Room is not air conditioned.  Consider using one of the new study spaces in the Webster Library if you find the temperature in Grey Nuns to be too warm.  The forecast this weekend and into next week is calling for unseasonably warm temperatures, so the air conditioned spaces in the Webster Library may be a good option until this heat wave passes.

A listing of the Library’s silent study spaces can be found here:

Temperature in the Libraries

We’ve heard from a few of you regarding the temperature of the library buildings.

It can be challenging to regulate the temperature in large buildings such as the two libraries at Concordia.  Especially in the Spring when the temperature varies substantially from one day to the next.

Furthermore, what is comfortable for one person may be too hot for another and too cold for someone else.

Unfortunately, it is also currently very difficult to balance the heating system at Webster Library, while the renovations are taking place.

Dressing in layers is always a good idea, so that you can adjust your own level of warmth according to the temperatures in our buildings.

Please continue to report specific issues with temperature or ventilation in the library buildings to the Library Feedback blog email or to any service point.

We will report these issues to Facilities Management, the department that controls building temperatures on campus:​ and ask for adjustments as necessary.

We thank you for your patience!

Switzerland room – temperature & repairs

You wrote:

Feedback on new second floor,  Room Switzerland is very cold (ventilation loud) + door
on the right makes noise.

Thank you for your comments.

The doors on the Switzerland room were repaired and no longer squeak. The ventilation noise is being verified and should be repaired today.  A piece has been ordered to adjust the temperature in Switzerland the room and we are waiting for it to arrive.  Unfortunately, the room temperature will remain lower until the piece arrives. We are also following up with the contractor.


Ventilation on LB3

You wrote:

Would like to let you know about… Newly renovated 3rd floor computer rooms… It feels suffocating in the room, seems like no fresh air circulating, like a ventilation installed?
And when you open the door to go in, you can smell smelly smells, suffocating smells!
Not pleasant at all and the more you stay in there, really feeling not well, like weakness, starting a headache, hard to breath… So I left the computer room. Also, tables are not wide enough, so computer will not be too close with eyes… And it will be much better if more spaces between each of the computer station…So can put books, papers, purse…etc…Not enough free rooms to put stuffs on a computer station (squash)!

These comments have been shared with the Transformation team.

Library staff and a technician investigated the heating and ventilation and turned down the heat in LB-385.

Thank you for your comments.  If our library users have complaints or suggestions about specific rooms in the library, it is helpful to include the room name or number, which makes it easier and faster for us to track down the problem and try to solve it.  Also, if you include your email when you submit a comment, we can follow up with you about your experience.

Thank you.

Temperature on LB5 in Webster Library

You wrote:

Hi, is  there something that you can do about the temperature in webster all floors are so cold. I was studying in one of the new rooms on the 5th floor and it was freezing.
Thank you.

Thank you for your comments.

Please note that we are aware and are currently working on some of the temperature issues of LB-5 – we apologize. 

The system is being checked by members of the library staff, electricians and heating technicians. 

Please be advised that the technician will be working on those deficiencies in the next week.

We noticed that these issues are mainly in the Graduate Study spaces – there are other study rooms available on LB3, LB4 and LB5 that can be used in the interim.

Thank you for your understanding.

Grey Nuns Reading Room hours and temperature

You wrote:

I really enjoy studying at the Grey Nuns Reading Room which is providing a great environment. But it is a pity that the study room closed so early during week days at around 9pm and during weekends at 5pm. Is it possible to extend the time to 11pm? And is it possible to improve the heating in the study room? It is very cold in the study room in the winter.

Good news!

We currently have extended hours at Grey Nuns (GN). From Nov 24th – Dec 12th, they’ll be:

Monday – Thursday: 9am-1am

Friday: 9am- 10pm

Saturday & Sunday: 10am-9pm

For more information about hours at Grey Nuns and all other Library buildings and services, please see our website: 

The staff supervisor for GN also recommends: In the future if you are cold, you can inform the Staff member at the (GN) Information Desk, they can adjust the temperature.


Warm temperatures in the Libraries

You wrote:

Hi, maybe it is just me, but I think the temperatures in both libraries are way too high. I understand that it is winter time, but I do not think it is necessary to have temperatures that are so high. The studies show that the room temperature between 20 ~ 22 degrees is the best range, which is also known as “comfort zone.”  I do not know whether I am the only person complaining this, but I have asked a few friends and they all agreed with me. Moreover, higher temperature consumes more energy as well. 
Thank you for your time and attention!

No, it’s not just you.  🙂  When the outside temperature fluctuates, the inside temperature has a hard time adapting.  Outdoors, last week, it was quite a bit cooler than it was over the weekend.  Please report temperature problems to a service desk so that we can investigate right away. In the meantime, here are other comments we received in the past regarding heat and cold.

Uncomfortably cold

You wrote:

I am writing because I am constantly freezing in the Vanier Library. Regardless of the season, I have never been comfortable studying here even wearing sweaters jogging pants and Ugg boots. Currently, it is mid-October, yet I can feel constant cool air coming from the air  vents. It actually feels like the AC is on.

Thank you for writing.  Please report temperature problems in person to the service desk closest to you.

Libraries too warm for comfort

You wrote:

….  In Concordia, our library is always HOT. This is unfair for many students who find it very uncomfortable to study in the heat. Exam/Midterm pressure already can cause  one to break a sweat. For the warm-blooded student body (no pun intended)  midterm season can cause not only extreme discomfort, but maybe even dehydration.
In all seriousness, the libraries need certain designated COLD areas for all the tundra-babies. Level the playing field; tip the thermometer.

It can be challenging to regulate the temperature in large buildings such as the two libraries at Concordia.  Especially during times like this week when the outside temperature varies substantially from one day to the next.  Yesterday’s temperature reached 18º C, today it is only 9º C….

Furthermore, what is comfortable for one person may be too hot for another and too cold for someone else. Take a look at other comments we have received about the temperature in the Libraries.

I suggest that you dress in layers and bring a water bottle with you. The next time you feel it is very chilly or very warm, please report this in person to the closest library service point.  Thank you for writing.

Fluctuation weather affects building temperature

You wrote:

Comment: I don’t know if it’s just me but I always find the Webster library to be very chilly. It’s starting to get warm outside and the clothes that go with that have left me freezing (and in the computer class no less!). Can you please turn down the a/c?

Thank you for your email.  Just a couple of days before you sent this to the Libraries’ Suggestion Box, the University Community received a message from the Customer Service Manager in Facilities Management.  He wrote that at this time of the year, with the weather fluctuating from one day to the other, it is difficult for the power plant personnel to maintain a stable temperature in some of our buildings.  They cannot run the heating system one day and the cooling system another day.  They will do their best to adjust the temperature to make it as comfortable as possible.

I suggest that the next time you feel it is very chilly or very warm, that you report this in person to the closest Library service point.  It is the only way that we can effectively handle the problem.