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Windows 10 – Library Computers

We have heard from you about issues using the newly installed Windows 10 on the library computers.

We are troubleshooting and working to resolve these issues, including the problems connecting with the Dprint machines and auto-logoff.

The auto-logoff feature has been disabled until we can ensure it works properly.

We thank you for your understanding and patience.


Scanner line-up

You wrote:

Hello! I find the library is awesome and the staff is especially helpful. However it is slightly annoying to have to wait an hour, sometimes even more, to be able
to scan something, especially since a lot of the resources available are not to leave the library. Would it be possible to get more scanners?

Thank you for this suggestion. The possibility of acquiring another scanner is indeed being considered in the Media Services department — your suggestion is not going unheard. Staff in Media Services also have some useful tips to offer you regarding use of the scanners:

  • as with most other services and resources in the library, scanners tend to be less busy before 1 pm. There are rarely line-ups in the morning.
  • you can actually book a scanner up to a week ahead of time if you know in advance when you will need it. Just go to the Media Services Desk (the one near the scanners, on the 3rd floor at Webster,  2nd floor at Vanier) to make the booking.

I hope this helps. Write to us again any time.


You wrote:

I would really appreciate having more scanners in the library,because whenever people need it,they have to reserve the scanner(s) few hours beforehand,and sometimes they need the scanner right away. MORE

We agree that we need more scanners, and more have been ordered. Eventually, we will have three scanners at the Webster Library. There is one scanner at the Vanier Library.

Computers, Scanners, Sockets…

You wrote:

Very frustrated! While a university student need the computer most for study and writing assignment, the library isn’t the most friendly place to go anymore. The workstations (the only group that had the soundcard) on the 3rd floor SGW library 50% were marked out of order. One of the only two scanners was out of order. Most of the electric sockets do not work even if I bring in my own laptop.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Several of our workstations are in the process of being re-imaged for the coming Fall semester. We hope that this work will soon be complete and that you are no longer inconvenienced. We are sorry that the scanner has been out of order; it should be fixed soon. We are interested to know which electrical sockets do not work. Can you get back in touch with us (via the Suggestion Box is fine) and let us know which floor and approximately where on that floor you found the electrical sockets that don’t work? We can have them looked at by an electrician. Thanks for writing.