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Windows 10 – Library Computers

We have heard from you about issues using the newly installed Windows 10 on the library computers.

We are troubleshooting and working to resolve these issues, including the problems connecting with the Dprint machines and auto-logoff.

The auto-logoff feature has been disabled until we can ensure it works properly.

We thank you for your understanding and patience.


Force black and white printing on a colour Dprint machine

There is a way to force the colour Dprint machines to print in black and white, and only charge your account for black and white prices:

Select the “Force Monochrome” box on the Dprint touch screen.

From the Dprint website:

If you send it to a Colour queue, you can choose either to print in colour or to force a black- and- white printout (for regular Black and White prices) by selecting the “Force Monochrome” box on the touch screen.

Vanier Library – Dprint loader receipts and printer maintenance

You wrote:

It’s just ironic that although Concordia preaches about sustainability, at Loyola, you still get a ridiculous printout receipt for filling up your copy card. Makes sense? Do you really think anyone treasures the fact that they added two bucks to their card, and needs to commemorate it in print? It’s an unbelievable waste of paper, ink and expense, and the conveniently placed  garbage can under the machine just encourages people to throw out the paper- so much for recycling.

If there is this additional money to just throw away on useless receipts, I would much rather it be spent making sure the printers actually work (when I came to the library yesterday, two of the printers were already ‘temporarily’ out of order. As a student who has pumped in much money to this school, we deserve much better than this. This is absolutely ridiculous, especially at this time of year when we Need things to reliably work), full of paper, and more routinely checked and maintained.

if you have the money, spend it on maintain the printers during the evenings- to tell students, “sorry, guess you’ll have to just print and hand out your assignments during our working hours” when as students, we’re here at all hours of the day, is insulting, unfair, and a very lame excuse.

Thank you for your comments.

The reason that the DPrint loader at the Vanier Library automatically prints receipts, is to prevent a noisy beeping sound.

The loader can be set up to not print receipts as a default, but it requires input from the patron on whether or not to print a receipt. To alert the patron that input is needed, the loader beeps incessantly. This was disturbing to students and staff so it was changed it to print without waiting for input and without beeping.

The Vanier Library has been in contact with Dprint regarding the maintenance and paper loading for the printers in the library. Approximately two weeks ago, Dprint changed the servicing frequency and time for the Vanier Library printers.  We hope this will address the concerns of the library community.

You can also always send comments directly to Dprint:

Contact the DPrint team at
If you are experiencing problems using the DPrint self-serve devices on campus or have questions regarding our services do not hesitate to contact us.
DPrint Administration
LB-018 (metro level)
next to the Bookstore
514-848-2424, ext. 3476


Black & White (Mono) versus Colour printing at Vanier Library

You wrote:

I have been working at a computer for a while now, regularly sending things to print, when I suddenly realized that the automatic printer option is the COLOR printer!! How did this happen?! This means that NONE of my things will print. this is ridiculous- please make sure the black and white is the default one- what a loss of time! Now I have to retrace my steps on everything… this is so stupid… and completely avoidable.

We are looking into this ongoing issue with the default printers at Vanier Library, in the meantime, there are steps you can take to ensure that you get your print jobs.
You can verify the default printer on your particular workstation by using the printer drop down menu and change from Colour to Black and White (Mono), or vice versa.
If you have already sent print jobs to the colour printer and you want to print them in black and white, you can force black and white printing on the printer itself, instead of re-sending the print jobs:
Thanks for your comments.


Problems with DPrint at Vanier Library

You wrote:

I’m working at Loyola (on a Friday in the evening), and one of the three printers has been jammed since yesterday, and the single fill-up machine on campus is also broken. This is absolutely incredible- so long as our funds are allocated towards ‘prettying up’ the website, the printing services are still incredibly lacking. I would bet money that if I complained to a librarian about this, I would be told, “don’t worry dear, someone will come fix it on Monday”. Monday?!? If we as students are here working on the weekend, we DESERVE functioning and MAINTAINED machines and services. This is absolutely inexcusable and infuriating. Another issue is that the security officer I mentioned the useless machine to, spoke no English.  G-d forbid there should be any issues, he would not understand anything. Glad our priorities are straight.

Sarcasm aside, we would REALLY appreciate if you took students’ concerns into account-considering how much time (and money) we put into this, that’s the least we deserve.

I’m sorry to hear that you had a bad experience, I can understand your frustration.  However, the DPrint machines and loaders do not belong to the Libraries.  They fall under the jurisdiction of Concordia Retail (the Bookstore).  

Your comments have been forwarded to Concordia’s DPrint service and the loader at Vanier library has been repaired.  

You can contact DPrint directly, with the contact information from their website:

If you are experiencing problems using the DPrint self-serve devices on campus or have questions regarding our services do not hesitate to contact us.
DPrint Administration
LB-018 (metro level)
next to the Bookstore
514-848-2424, ext. 3476


We have also notified the appropriate people in the Security Department and passed on your comments.

Thank you for taking the time to write to us.

Stapler availability at Webster library

You wrote:

I was working at Loyola’s library, and was pleasantly surprised to see that they have a stapler AND hole puncher available afterhours- As It Should Be. It never ceases to frustrate me and others at the downtown library as to why the stapler is taken in when the librarians finish for the day. As students, we’re here at all hours, and having a functioning and reliable  stapler should be the least of our worries and something that is guaranteed- heavens knows we pay enough fees. Surely a stapler ought to be included in them.

It’s just infuriating and ludicrous the logic- ‘oh, we have to take them in or someone will steal them- do you know how many we’ve had to replace?’ is the lame excuse I’ve heard so many times. Why don’t you just chain it to the table if there is this concern? But to leave us with nothing… that makes no sense. It seems to work fine at Loyola- why can’t we also have it downtown?

Thank you for your comment.  I can understand your frustration.  Unfortunately, in the past, we’ve had many staplers broken and stolen from the Webster library, some were chained to the desk and some were not.

Library management will consider making a secured stapler available.

This is also a good time to remind our library users that the DPrint/MFD machines have stapling capabilities for both newly printed pages and photocopies.

This is from our DPrint webpage:

Q: Will the printer-copiers automatically staple my documents?

A: By default print-outs and photocopies are not are not stapled, but you can request that the print-outs be stapled.

Printing: Before you send the print job, go to the print dialogue box and click on ‘preferences’. On the right side of the box there is a ‘stapling’ drop-down menu. Choose 1 or 2 staples.

Photocopying: You must be using the feeder. On the main ‘Copy’ page on the right hand side choose ‘1 staple’.

Printing problems in Hall Building

You wrote:

I have experienced faulty printers across the downtown campus. Most notably the printer on the 11th floor of the Hall building and my friends have experienced the
same issues with a couple in the Webster library. The problem is strange, once you send a document to print and you try to select the document on the printer’s
screen and click print, it disappears and nothing prints. However, once you click the refresh button it appears back on the screen like nothing happened. It
doesn’t happen all the time, which is the strange part, but it does happen often enough to really be an annoying problem. This has occurred both when I have
sent something from my own computer and a school computer. When this occurs in the Hall building, it’s frustrating because there is no one immediately around
to report it to and I can’t leave my belongings unattended to try to find someone to show the problem to, and I am not even 100% sure who to report it to in that moment. My friends have experienced this too and we do not really have any solution for it except to try another printer or try to print later and hope it
doesn’t act up this time. It’s a huge time waster. 
Hopefully I am reporting this to the right place.  Thanks!

Thank you for your message.  In fact, this does not fall under the Libraries’ jurisdiction.  However, we forwarded your comment to the DPrint team.  Here is their response:

In this type of instance, it is typically that the student does not have enough money in their account to print the job. Unfortunately, the device does not say ‘Insufficient Funds’ when the student tries to print. The only way for them to know is by doing the calculation themselves and noting their account balance in the top right hand corner.

If the student does have funds, it could be that the document they are trying to print is not a standard paper size (i.e. they are trying to print in the A4 format, which the device does not have). In this case, the student needs to change their document size at the computer. Unfortunately, there is no warning on the device if this happens.

DPrint phone number and email address are posted on all of the devices, so students can contact us with these types of concerns.  ( or 514-848-2424-3476)

Debit or credit for DPrint

You wrote:

Would it be possible to load money onto your student card to use for printing by using a debit card? I never have any cash (and I know that I am not the only

I am specifically speaking about the Loyola campus as I do not use the downtown campus.

Is there another way to load my card that I am not familiar with?

Thank you.

You can use debit or credit to add money to your dPrint account at any DPrint Service Counter.  At Loyola there is one in the Bookstore (CJ Building).

Thanks for the great question.

Printing problems

You wrote:

I previously sent a complaint about the new copier services, but I would like to add that today I tried to use the copiers, prepared that there would be a long wait between documents and that I would probably have to re-send some documents, but my documents were not received at all by the printing system.

I am sorry that your documents were not received by the system. Can you tell me in which library you were? Did you ask for assistance?

As it was posted earlier in the summer, the Dprint system does not fall under the Libraries’ jurisdiction. It is operated by the University’s Digital Store. DPrint hired several people to help out with printing issues in the Libraries during the first two weeks of classes. We no longer have this extra support, but the Libraries’ staff is still available to help you. The next time something like this happens, please don’t hesitate to ask for assistance. We will do our best to help you.

7-day laptop loans, lab manuals and Dprint

You wrote:

Please implement the 7-day laptop loan. It is high time. Please also make lab manuals available for more that 3 hours. Our lab sessions are 4 hours long so what is the point of loaning it for 3 hours (if you want to photocopy it, that takes 10 min, of course if the INFAMOUS D-print system happens to be working, if not it might take you 3 hours…). Why did you outsource the printing service? Yes, the system had to be updated but did it have to be outsourced? Did students, for whom this whole library construct is put into place, even have a say in this?

On March 19, the Vanier Library introduced 7-day loans on ten laptops.  For now, the libraries do not have enough laptops to expand this service.

As for extending the loan period for “lab manuals”, it is the first time that anyone has brought up this concern.  I have forwarded your request to Circulation Services.

Regarding Dprint; Dprint is managed by the University. It is not outsourced. Photocopying has always fallen under the jurisdiction of the University. Since modern photocopiers can scan, print and email, the University decided to keep all printing functions under one umbrella.  Most people would agree that having one universal system across the University is preferable to having two concurrent printing systems.

Thank you for your comments.