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Starting a new academic year at Concordia!

Welcome from Concordia University Library to all of our new and returning students!

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We have a lot of great workshops and services for you at the Library.

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Temporary Entrances for Webster Library:

As part of Phase 3 of the Webster Library Transformation project, LB-2 is closed for renovations. The main staircase entrance to the Webster Library is closed until February 2017 as it is part of this phase of construction.

Visitors may enter the library via the temporary entrance on MacKay St. which provides stairs from street level to LB-3 or via the LB-1 elevator closest to the bookstore which goes directly to LB-3.

Signage has been posted on MacKay St. and on LB-1 indicating the temporary entrances.

Services that used to be on LB-2 (Circulation Desk, Reference Desk and the Course Reserves Room), as well as the book drop and newspapers display, are now on LB-3 in the MacKay St. / de Maisonneuve St. W. corner.

Phase 3 of the renovations is probably the largest of the 4 phases since it will encompass all of LB-2, including the entrance, the circulation and reference desks, and the main staircase. Work started on LB-2 Bishop St. side in March and on MacKay St. on May 10. The targeted date of completion is January 31, 2017.

To follow all the news about the Webster Library Transformation Project and renovations, check out the Webster Library Transformation Blog.

We’re looking forward to another great year at Concordia!

Webster Library closure and renovations in LB

As part of the Library Transformation/Renovation project, a planned closure of the stairs between LB0 and LB1  is SCHEDULED for Monday, May 9, and Tuesday, May 10, all day for the installation of scaffoldings as part of the Webster Renovation project.

Access to LB0 and the Hall Building will be maintained via the underground tunnel.

It is recommended to use street level entrances to access to LB upper floors.

The Webster Library will close to the public and students on Saturday, May 7, at 9 p.m. and reopen  on Tuesday, May 10, at 9 a.m.

Please note: You won’t incur fines for not returning items — such as books, course packs, laptops and tablets — that are due back on May 8 or 9.

If you can’t drop off your due items by 4:45 p.m. on May 7, item due dates will be automatically extended to May 10 at 11 a.m.

When the library reopens on the morning of May 10, library users and staff will be required to use the new temporary entrance on Mackay Street — just look for the colourful project signage.

The staircase leads directly to the third floor of the LB Building (LB3), which will temporarily house the circulation, reference and information desks.

If you have mobility challenges, or wish to take the elevator, simply use the lift in the lobby of the LB Building — look for the colourful elevator wrap and press the button for LB3.

For further information, please see the Concordia News story: 


Elevator noise

You wrote:

Is there a way the sound on the elevators can be turned down? I understand it is probably needed for the differently baled, but it can be very distracting to anyone sitting on that side of e lib during busy times. Maybe the sound can be turned down just in busy times? Or maybe a more subtle and less jarring noise
could be used?

Thank you for your comment.  This has been addressed in previous posts.

“Bing” goes the elevator!

You wrote:

I agree that people with visual impairments need to know if they are going up or down. But is it possible to stop the “ding” on the elevators from the forth floor? People who take the elevator there perfectly know that it cannot go to any floors above. These elevators only go down…


Is it possible to make the sound of elevator in the library a little bit low? It is really annoying to me while I am studying at the library each time the sound (bing bing) hit in my head and I cannot focus while reading or studying.

Thank you for your comments.  This issue has been raised before in our Suggestion Box.  The sound you hear is at the lowest possible volume.  It allows people with visual disabilities to know that the elevator door is open, regardless of whether the lift is going up or down.

Elevator Noise

Sometimes students ask about the noise made by elevators in the libray building. Recently, one student wrote:

Why is it that the elevators make noise when they arrive at the floors, isn’t a library supposed to be quiet? Can this be fixed?

We can’t make the elevators any quieter. The “ding” you hear is actually at the lowest possible volume, and it allows people with visual impairments to use the elevators.