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Webster Library – Main staircase entrance open

Webster Library’s main staircase has reopened.

With this reopening, entrance to the Webster Library will return to its permanent state. Students will enter the library from the main staircase on the first floor of LB to the second floor of LB, where the permanent entrance is located.

Once inside the Webster Library on the second floor of LB, students can take internal Library stairs or elevators to the third and fifth floors.

This will reduce the crowding of the elevator  and the fire escape stairways will no longer be needed.

Webster Library’s 4th floor and the west side of the third floor are currently closed in order to complete renovations. The Webster Library Transformation will be complete at the end of 2017.

When visitors enter Webster Library from the main staircase, they will be greeted immediately by the new service area for Questions? Ask Us! / Reference desk on the second floor of LB.

The Loans & Returns desk, self-checkout machines and the Course Reserves room are all also located on the second floor of Webster Library.

A brand new service will be launched on February 22: the Technology Sandbox on the second floor of Webster Library. It’s a place for the Concordia community to try out emerging technologies and cutting-edge equipment.   Register today for a workshop.

For more information about the new spaces at Webster Library, please see our website:

Renewing tablets and laptops

You wrote:

When wanting to renew a tablet(as long as there a still many available), it would be convenient to be able to renew them at either libraries, regardless where they are taken out from. Of course i don’t know how the library system works but I ‘imagine’ it would be a ‘quick fix’ (just adding a barcode # to the database?  – not sure) if this is the case, then computers and tablets could be returned at either location also(maybe a little more complicated with the syncing of tablets?)

….Just a thought…

I agree with you. It would be great if we could renew tablets and laptops at either library.  It probably would not take a quick fix to make it happen, though.  🙂  I have forwarded your suggestion to the Circulation Services Committee.  Thank you for writing in.

Returning reserves in the morning

Earlier this summer, you wrote:

For the books on reserve can we please be allowed to return the overdue books at 9:30am not 8:30am the next day? It’s a little too early to be here in Loyola at
8:30am for someone coming from Pi9.

Thanks for your understanding.

Good news!  When I first received your email,  I forwarded it to the Circulation Services Committee.  As of  September 28, reserve items lent overnight are due one hour after the Circulation desks open. So Monday-Friday they will be due at 9:30 am, and Saturday/Sunday they will be due at 11 am. This will affect loans made at the end of the day.

Thank you for your email.

Grace period for reserves

You wrote:

there should be at least a minimal grace period of 15 minutes or so on the 3 hour reserves as it is very easy when studying to to not notice that the three
hours are up and the fines are quite large and add up very quickly

Although I understand how easy it can be to lose track of time when one is studying, the point of the strict fines is to make sure that library materials are returned on time so that other students can consult them. This is especially the case with reserve items that are in high demand. If we had a 15-minute grace period, people would start bringing items back at the end of that period, so the idea of a “grace period” would not work.

It is difficult to imagine in the spring and summer months, but during the regular school year it is not uncommon for students to line up to borrow reserve items as soon as they are returned.

Thank you for your message.

Returning DVDs on the weekend

You wrote:


I just came to the library specifically to return two dvds that were due today, only to find that the media returns box is not out but rather behind the locked gate. Luckily, I was able to renew the items that I intended to return today. Though for future reference, it would be great if the returns box could be left out or appropriate instructions are posted which inform
users of just what to do with the media resources that they had intended to return.

I was specifically motivated to write to you because I envisioned that I would be charged late fees for the items that I was unable to return. Then I would have had to get into a detailed discussion with the media services staff explaining why the items should not be considered late, etc. Aside from the inconvenience of taking the time to pursue this matter with them, it is often an unfair discussion as the staff generally take the position that the student is automatically at fault for late returns.

Thank you for your attention.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  Following some tests, we hope that soon a return box for the Webster Library Media Desk will be available on weekends. Until then, we appreciate it when users return DVDs to the Media desk, as the regular circulation book drops may be damaging to media material. Patrons can also return media items to the Circulation Desk on the main floor of Webster Library (2nd floor of LB building). However if you find that all  the service desks are closed and no return box is available near the Media Desk, then media items can be returned in the book drops on the main floor of the library (2nd floor of the LB building).