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Switzerland room – temperature & repairs

You wrote:

Feedback on new second floor,  Room Switzerland is very cold (ventilation loud) + door
on the right makes noise.

Thank you for your comments.

The doors on the Switzerland room were repaired and no longer squeak. The ventilation noise is being verified and should be repaired today.  A piece has been ordered to adjust the temperature in Switzerland the room and we are waiting for it to arrive.  Unfortunately, the room temperature will remain lower until the piece arrives. We are also following up with the contractor.


Lack of space at Concordia Library

You wrote:

It took me 3 hours to find a study spot this weekend.  3. Hours. Because any and all students from other universities are allowed here. I have never felt like concordia has failed me to this degree before. I pay my tuition. I want to pass my classes. I pay for the resources to pass these classes. My friend that was searching with me, another paying concordia student, had a severe anxiety attack because of it. We went to BOTH campuses and not one spot to be had. I can’t believe there is such a blatant disregard for Concordia’s own students. I have a final Tomorrow and wasted my day trying to study.

Thank you for your message.  We are sorry that it took you so long to find a place to study this weekend.  This week was record-breaking for us in terms of library attendance.  Unfortunately, over the years, the Library size has not increased proportionately to the increase in student enrollment.  We hope that when the Webster Library Transformation is completed, this will be less of an occurrence.

Regarding your comment about non-Concordia students using the library, in the past, when we checked ID cards at the door, we found that the vast majority of library users were in fact our own students.  Furthermore, when we start checking ids, our sister institutions also start checking for ids, thus, restricting access to their libraries. We also posted a blog about this issue back in October: 

On this webpage, , there are links to listings of study spaces outside the library.  Also, depending on where you live, you may want to consider visiting a public library.  You can browse for public libraries near your home at this website:

Once again, we are sorry that you had a frustrating experience finding a place to study this weekend.  We hope your exam went well.


Noise after hours in the Library

Students have written us about noise after hours and there is a procedure to follow in these cases.

After hours, if you encounter noise issues in silent study areas of the Library, please let the security agent on duty at the Library entrance know about any problems.

The security agent will call it in and another security agent will be sent to deal with the problem.

Thank you.

Webster Library as a public space

We’ve heard from a few of our students about limiting access to the Webster Library to those with valid ID cards only.

We do limit access to Webster and Vanier Libraries to people with Concordia IDs between the hours of 23:00 and 7:00.

As we are publicly funded however, we are committed to being open to the public during regular hours.

We often get this comment and were curious to see just how many people were actually non-card carrying students.  It turns out that fewer than 10% of the people in the Library at any given time are non-Concordians.

The current renovations which will be completed within the next year, will double the seating space at the Webster Library which should more than meet current demand.

There is additional quiet student space downtown at the Grey Nuns Reading Room, which is restricted to people with valid Concordia IDs only.

Please see our website for location and opening hours of the Grey Nuns Reading Room:

There is also additional study space at the Vanier Library on the Loyola campus, which is open 24/7 for the academic year and for those with valid Concondia IDs between the hours of 23:00 and 7:00.

Concordia has also assembled some lists of great study spaces on both campuses, please see the links below:



Construction noise

You wrote:

Announcing or putting up a sign that there will be disruptive construction would be nice. It’s 10:15am on Friday and loud construction noises are making it
difficult to concentrate in a blue zone.

I’m very sorry that you encountered this situation.  You do not mention what library you were in so, I cannot explain what happened on that particular Friday.  However, there certainly is a lot going on in both libraries right now and although we do our best to warn our users of potential noise, it is sometimes out of our control.

Restrict access to the Libraries

You wrote:

I have been a concordia student for 2 years now and there is the ongoing problem in the library of not having enough room. Especially during exam periods and
high rush hours (lunch, etc) it is difficult to find a spot. There is one big contributing factor to this issue which is that many students ARE NO FROM
CONCORDIA. It is OUR school and not theirs. WE pay for the resources and its is CONCORDIA’S duty to check people’s identification in order to avoid this problem.
Can you please help us with this?

Thank you for your message.  I understand your frustration.  However, Concordia University is a public institution. Our libraries are “public”, in the sense of “open to everyone”.  According to other libraries in the Montreal area, our students use them all the time.  Under those circumstances, it would be very difficulty, if not impossible, to close our doors to members of the community at large.

Two years ago, for a short period during the exams, we asked security agents to check id cards.  Managing the exceptions was challenging and time consuming and did not generate a significant number of free seats.

As of the beginning of the Fall 2014 semester, the Grey Nuns study hall will open (300 seats + 14 group study rooms) and will only be accessible to members of the Concordia community.

With the renovation and expansion of the Webster Library, we will more than double the number of seats (from 1300 to 3300). At the end of the first phase of the project (Fall 2015), we will already offer more study seats that what we have now.

More on “reserved” seating

You wrote:

hi. its exam time and the library is not able to accommodate the need for study space.  yet today i see 2 individual study spaces that are prime grade A spots, quiet, great view, etcetera,  these 2 spots have had student books on them for at
least 4 hours with no one actually being at the desk.  one student did come back for about half an hour and then left again leaving books/folders there that were
probably of little significance. 
in as much as study space is sparse this time of year i suggest that security go around and when they find a spot that has been “reserved” without a student at the desk for more than 30 mins that a sign be placed on the the desk informing the student that if the space is not cleared in 10 mins that that the books will be removed and sent down to security where they may pick up their belongings. this particular event was at webster 4th floor on “Bishop” side where the burgundy booths are, its a great spot and ya i wanted it..

Thank you for your suggestion.  We already have something similar in place for workstations .  I have forwarded your email to the Libraries’ Administration.